“Having been in the healthcare field of emergency services for 34 years, I know the complicated web of insurance companies and the government regarding health coverage and benefits.  After being injured in 2008, I did not hesitate to call The Jeffery S. Watson Law Firm for assistance.  Jeff’s expertise in the area of workers’ compensation and the personal interest he’s shown in my situation have been most helpful to me and my family.  The heartfelt interest that he and his staff have for their clients leaves me assured that my case will be managed properly.  Thank you for giving me and my family peace of mind concerning my work-related injury.”

-Warren A.

“I consider Jeff to be my friend who happens to be my attorney.  Through the years, I have grown to admire and trust him without question.  He has only had my best interest in mind.  I have never been brushed aside or made to feel that I didn’t matter.  At hearings, he never fell short of being totally up [to speed] on my entire case…nothing caught him off guard.  [Jeff] has worked hard for me and has been both professional and caring.  He carried my case when others wouldn’t have.  I am proud to say that my attorney is Jeff Watson.”

-Kathy T.

“I am an industry salesperson by trade.  One fateful day in May 2007, after making a sales call…I was involved in a motor vehicle accident through no fault of my own.  My life changed that day, and complications from those injuries linger even today and will be with me the rest of my life.  Initially, I tried to go it alone but found the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation process to be difficult.  Then I found The Jeffery S. Watson Law Firm Ltd.  Jeff and the entire legal staff in his office have not only been extremely knowledgeable regarding Ohio workers’ compensation law, but they have been extremely successful in representing my case over the last five years.  I would recommend them to anyone.”

-Scott S.